Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i can't believe i haven't blogged for the last 2 months. i'm terrible... sorry grandma! so i guess i should go all the way back to thanksgiving. well to quickly sum it all up i surprised my parents by just showing up when they thought i wasn't coming. and i got to go to ryan and becky bartley's wedding!! i love them even if i hated ryan growing up :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


my nephew told me the best news tonight... his mommy is pregnant!!!!  i can't explain how excited i am for this little one to come and be apart of the anderson & malley households! i'm more than ready for june to be here already! if the baby looks anything like maddux then you know he/she is going to be beautiful. just look at these photos of him when he was a baby. i just hope the baby has long lashes too!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 am

it's 2:30 in the morning and even though i'm tired i can't sleep. in fact i haven't been able to fall asleep easily this past week and if you asked my family i can practically fall asleep anywhere anytime. so i'm currently hating my situation. i wish i could say i didn't know why but let's be honest this has to do with my most recent breakup. even though i'm still a little upset, i'm not resentful... i guess this means i'm growing up.
other than that, things haven't changed to much for me here in provo. surprisingly my hair is still platinum and i'm trying to grow it out but that's harder than i thought..

you can't really tell but trust me my hair is long for me

Monday, October 17, 2011

munson reunion

 this year for the munson family reunion the anderson clan was in charge. which actually turned into the wright-anderson-johnson reunion. every year we go to a different camp ground for about 3 days and just take over everything! with our family we have certain traditions like a tournament of horseshoes, skit night, and of course telling ghost stories by the camp fire. well i'm proud to say that this year i got pretty dang far in the tournament, and apparently i have a dad and uncles who have this horseshoe throwing talent. i'm sorta hoping i have that gene because i plan on winning that trophy. as for skit night well that usually consists of doing extremely embarrassing skits e.i the lawrence welk show from snl and having your brother dress up like the creepy sister, doing another persons hair/makeup, making up a cheer, but of course there are also all the cute skits the little kids put on. out of everything my favorite part was when maddux took a flash light and started to tell a scary story about a moose, shark and a bad cat! we couldn't really understand him but his facial expressions were hilarious!! i don't know if you couldn't tell but i love that little guy. he is possibly the coolest and cutest kid i know!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

stinson beach

i know it has been forever since i updated my blog. and i'm sorry for the delay but i accidentally left my camera cord in cali so i had to wait for my lovely mom to send it to me.... well way back in august i went back home for a week to go to my family reunion. i hadn't been home since christmas time so this trip was long overdue. can i tell you the longer i'm away from cali the more i miss it. unfortunately i didn't get to actually see all the people i wanted to, but this trip was all about my family. the trip would have been even better if all the kids were there but skyler had to stay in colorado and work and tim, well he's back in germany for now... since most of us were in town my parents took the opportunity to take us to stinson beach for the day. it's this beautiful beach located in a super small town right outside of san fran. i could live there :) it was maddux's very first time being in the pacific ocean! he loved it even if though the water was super chilly. i also learned that day that i don't like seagulls... and my dang siblings kept feeding them so they would come closer to me. sometimes my family can be mean..

Thursday, July 28, 2011


my baby sister paige is currently out here  visiting me and my aunt for about 3 weeks. and well me being the greatest big sister, i decided to make my 15 year old sis actually look 15. so last friday she came into my school and got her hair and makeup done. all i did was weave the top and melted the sides with enlightner and thinned out her ends. i can't believe how much it changed her look.


slippin n' slidin

pudding/whip cream/chocolate syrup slip-n-slide.
need i say more?